Apr 2, 2012
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Bones returns for the rest of its seventh season on Monday night. And while star Emily Deschanel and her alter ego Temperance Brennan were pregnant during the first half of the season, the only episode taped after the September birth of Deschanel’s son Henry was the fictional baby’s arrival.

Accustomed to playing pregnant while actually pregnant, Monday’s episode required Deschanel to put on a fake belly for the first time.

“It’s very sweaty in there, so thank god it was just for one episode and we could move on,” Deschanel tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I had to try on a bunch of bellies that were marked for different celebrities when they were pregnant in different movies. I know I tried on Nicole Kidman’s, but I can’t remember who we ended up with.”

Going through both pregnancies simultaneously, Deschanel also notes that the upcoming batch of episodes with Brennan and Booth (David Boreanaz) as new parents have mirrored what’s happening at home.

“I’ll experience something in an episode, and I’m shocked because it’s exactly what I’m going through,” she says of storylines involving hormones, weight loss and sleep deprivation. “Brennan has a different take on things always. It’s been fun to see how that unfolds.”

And for fans who may still be feeling cheated by the series decision to make the Brennan and Booth leap from platonic partners to parents, Deschanel promises that more romantic payoff is ahead.

“Let’s just say that we’re dealing with things that are not so sexy and romantic like spit-up, burping and waking up on the middle of the night,” she says, “but there are also some make-out sessions thrown in there. And some lingerie.”

“I never thought I’d be doing this long enough that I’d be having a child while all of this was happening,” she says, “or that they’d write that in.”


Apr 1, 2012
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Fox has picked up the hit series, Bones for an eighth season that will include its milestone 150th episode, the network announced Thursday. The drama, created by Hart Hanson and starring Emily Deschanel as forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and David Boreanaz as FBI agent Seeley Booth, has been one of Fox’s most consistent performers. Hanson correctly predicted at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January that the show would be back for an eighth season.

He said at the time that the season would focus on Bones and Booth raising their child together now that they are finally a couple after several seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they.

We’re all excited about it and have story ideas,” Hanson said. “Putting Booth and Brennan together raising a child, as far as we’re concerned, reinvigorated our series. I wouldn’t want to try to figure out how to do another year of them not being together.”

Fox president of entertainment Kevin Reilly said Thursday that the show has “redefined the traditional crime procedural with an irreverent and adventurous sensibility.”

“I’m really happy to have this distinctive, fan-favorite on our schedule for another season,” he said.

Bones returns with a new night and time on Monday, April 2, at 8 p.m., for the first of seven new episodes in a row. (Source)

Mar 28, 2012
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With a three year difference between them, it’s understandable to think of sisters and actresses Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel as very close. But on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Weeknights, 12 a.m. ET on ABC), Zooey spoke of a long-running trick that her big sister Emily played on her.

“She basically just used the plot of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ to terrify me,” Zooey said. She went on to explain that Emily told her that she’d been replaced by an alien from Neptune. “the Neptunians had killed my real sister and replaced her with a facsimile who looked just like her, talked just like her, but when my parents weren’t in the room, made crazy faces at me.”

Emily apparently also tormented her by talking in a monotone voice like V.I.C.I. from Small Wonder. Zooey didn’t indicate how long Emily carried on the ruse, but it was clearly over an extended period of time, and it positively terrified the young Zooey.

“She would make me cry and then she would laugh,” Zooey said. Of course, Zooey preceded this story by saying that Emily “came on here and humiliated me in front of millions of people.”

Could this have been a bit of sisterly revenge, making her big sister look bad? If so, it should be interesting to hear what Emily has to say the next time she’s on Kimmel’s show.

Zooey Deschanel can be seen Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on New Girl, while Emily Deschanel stars in Bones, Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, both on Fox. (Source)

Mar 25, 2012
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Entertainment Weekly has posted a short article about what fans can expect during the season 7 finale of the hit series, Bones. If you want to remain spoiler free, do not read below.

Question: On a scale of Mary Poppins to Saw: Just how nail-biting scary/shocking is the season 7 finale of Bones for Booth and Brennan? Is there any happiness in the episode for them?
Pam, knowing that the season finale will feature the return of creepy hacktivist/serial killer Christopher Pellant (Andrew Leeds), your nerves are understandable — especially if you caught Hart Hanson’s cryptic tweet earlier this week: “Our first conversation about the final image of Bones season 7 morphed into a spirited debate. It ain’t gonna go easy…”

I happened to have Hanson and fellow exec producer Stephen Nathan on the phone that day chatting about the show’s April 2 return, so I asked them to elaborate: “We’re all happy with the story, and we’re all happy with the cliffhanger we have,” Hanson says of the finale episode (now titled “The Past in the Present”). “What we’re actually debating is literally the last image that we leave our audience with. We have options as to how it motors us into season 8. There’s a see-saw between hope and confidence and vulnerability and fear that we have to walk. We’re searching for that last poetic image, and that’s what we will argue about up until the day we shoot it — and I’ll bet ya we still argue about it as we’re putting music on the final shot in the editing room.”

Hanson admitted to being incredibly vague, which is how Nathan intends to keep it. “This is an end to this season that we will be more than vague about — more vague than we usually are — because we really don’t want to tell anybody anything,” Nathan says with a laugh. Could we be losing a character we know and love? “We couldn’t possibly tell you if someone you know and love were [going] to die in a horrible way,” Hanson says. “And we are also not going to say Anthony Perkins does it in Psycho,” Nathan jokes.

The quieter they keep, of course, the more fans will speculate. One theory being batted around The Spoiler Room: What if the cliffhanger is a marriage proposal? Booth (David Boreanaz) told Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in the season premiere that she would have to be the one to ask him, and Brennan has been known to take big steps in the wake of a tragedy — she and Booth finally slept together after squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed last season. Perhaps Pellant’s return will be traumatizing enough to get her to pop the question, and the argument is whether the final shot should be one that leaves us elated that Brennan has had this emotional breakthrough or frightened of the dire circumstances bringing it about? Or, maybe the “past in the present” is Booth once again proposing to a woman who’s not the marrying kind, and the cliffhanger is whether Brennan has changed her position on marriage? Theorize below!

Mar 20, 2012
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I’ve added production stills from the upcoming episode of Bones titled, The Prisoner in the Pipe! Please be advised, the stills may contain spoilers, so view at your own risk. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
- Home > TV > Bones > Season 7 > Episode Stills: 7.07 – The Prisoner in the Pipe

Mar 20, 2012
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Mar 17, 2012
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I have added four production stills and two posters from the upcoming film, The Perfect Family into the gallery. Directed by Anne Renton, a devoutly Catholic wife and mother has been nominated for one of the church’s top awards. She then goes about trying to prove she has the “perfect” family refusing to accept them for who they are. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
- Home > Film Productions > The Perfect Family (2012) > Posters & Artwork
- Home > Film Productions > The Perfect Family (2012) > Production Stills

Mar 14, 2012
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Tastemaker Picks : Emily Deschanel
Actress, hit TV show Bones and vegan activist
“I have chosen several brands that I enjoy on a daily basis. A Scent of a Scandal makes candles with a sense of humor and ea apparel designs the softest pieces made from bamboo, and Lavuk creates cutting edge eco fashion. I hope everyone enjoys these brands as much as I do!”

Favorite Charity: Farm Sanctuary
“Farm Sanctuary tackles three causes that are close to my heart, animal suffering, environmental pollution, and human health. Not only is industrialized farming one of the largest contributors to global warming, but it causes unnecessary suffering and death to 10 billion animals and contributes to human disease. I am proud to make Farm Sanctuary my charity of choice.”

Mar 14, 2012
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FOX has released a new promo for, Bones. April 2nd cannot come soon enough! Bones returns from its winter hiatus in a little over two weeks, and Fox is sending out a save-the-date announcement in the form of a new on-air promo.

Mar 13, 2012
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Michael Ausiello of TVLine.com has posted two new Bones spoilers. If you prefer to remain spoiler free, do not read the bit below. For anyone else curious about what to expect, read on:

Question: Any scoop about the Bones season finale — specifically the cryptic-sounding cliffhanger?
Ausiello: How about the episode’s cryptic-sounding title? Sources confirm to me exclusively that the season-ender is called, “The Bite in the Beast.” Interpret away in the comments!

Question: You did a great job moderating that slightly wild Bones session at PaleyFest 2012. Did you uncover any scoop that didn’t come out during the panel?
Ausiello: Yes! Prior to the event, Michaela Conlin revealed that a new guy will soon shake things up for Angela, who’s feeling “a little bit of distance” between the free spirit she used to be and her new mommy and wife persona. “An artist type comes into the lab,” she previews, “and brings up some things for her.” But fear not, he won’t get in the way of Angela and Hodgins’ happy ending. “It’s not marriage issues,” she assures us. “It’s really just identity issues more so for Angela.”

Mar 13, 2012
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The FOX drama, Bones is on its seventh season and returns from hiatus on April 2. Emily Deschanel plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, who is set to welcome a daughter with Booth, played by David Boreanaz.

“She’s barely doing it!” Deschanel joked to OnTheRedCarpet.com at a 2012 PaleyFest event for the show. “Pretty amazingly – I think Brennan is kind of capable at pretty much everything she tries. So, it’s no surprise that she can handle parenthood and continuing her work … and writing novels just beautifully. But of course there are challenges along the way.”

“She deals with things that women have to deal with when they have a baby, like hormonal things, emotional connections to the baby, your clothes not fitting right,” Deschanel continued. “It’s fun to actually experience things in my own life and then read it in the script and be like, ‘Hey, wait a second, I’m going through that right now,’ so that’s fun. My character is fairly different from myself, so it’s nice to find similarities right now.”

Deschanel gave birth to her first child with ,em>It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor David Hornsby in September 2011.

Deschanel went on to give some details about how Seeley and Brennan’s relationship will change with their new addition.

“There are definitely arguments and discussions about how you raise children, and we have interesting jobs that you kind of want to shelter from babies that I don’t necessarily do, or my character doesn’t,” Deschanel said. “They go through lots of things that most parents go through, but from the unique perspective of people who fight crime all the time, so you’ll see Brennan in a very unique situation at the end of the season – and it affects her family.”

The show, which aired its first season in 2005, has grown into a hit FOX program with a cult following, and the actress is thrilled it has kept up its momentum.

“I can’t believe it’s been seven seasons, it blows my mind,” Deschanel said. “I feel like in one sense I blinked and all of a sudden I’m here. At the same time, so much has happened in that time that I can look back and say, ‘so many things have happened.’ It’s pretty incredible – not many shows have lasted as long as we have – I thought, you know, ‘maybe this show will last a season – how long could a show about Bones, be?’”


Mar 12, 2012
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As you can see … Emily Deschanel Daily has a gorgeous new layout! The layout made was by the talented Purple Haze Inc. and I love the way it turned out! I think it is very girlie, very pretty and suits Emily’s personality! (She is pretty fancy, didn’t you know?!)

I am going to be working behind the scenes a lot over the next few weeks. I really want to expand the current content to make this the most comprehensive and complete resource for Em. In the meantime, I hope everyone loves the new layout as much as I do! If you spot any errors, sound off in the comments below!

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